Gas piping & distribution systems

Deliver pressurized gasses to instruments with precision.

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FCS Multi Channel System Controllers

FCS Multi Channel System Controllers: Advanced, multi-channel gas monitoring with LCD, relays, and versatile configuration options.
The FCS Multi Channel System Controllers offer sophisticated gas monitoring in 4, 8, 32, or 128 channel configurations. With touchpad LCD, Modbus/BACnet options, relays, and flexible settings, it ensures comprehensive control in various applications.
Gas Detectors & Sensors

Explosion proof transmitter

Explosion-proof CXT2 transmitter monitors gas concentrations with precision in hazardous environments, featuring Smart Sensor technology and alarms.
The CXT2 Explosion Proof transmitter offers reliable monitoring of toxic, oxygen, combustible, VOC, or CO2 gas concentrations in hazardous areas. Smart Sensor technology, colour LCD display, and user-friendly features ensure accuracy and safety.

DCC Dual Channel Controller

DCC Dual Channel Controller monitors toxic and combustible gases with LCD display, relays, and configurable outputs.
The DCC Dual Channel Controller ensures reliable monitoring of toxic and combustible gases. With LCD display, relays, and versatile sensor configurations, it's a comprehensive, self-contained system for commercial and industrial applications.
Gas Detectors & Sensors

cGas Detector Digital Transmitter

Flexible cGas Detector with 2 gas channels, configurable outputs, LCD display, and smart sensor technology.
The cGas Detector is a versatile, digital transmitter offering up to 2 gas channels, user-configurable BACnet® or Modbus® outputs, LCD display, and Plug & Play Smart Sensor replacement. Ideal for toxic and combustible gas monitoring in commercial environments.
Gas Detectors & Sensors

CO2 Detector

Efficient CO2 monitoring for various applications, featuring Plug & Play Smart Sensor, analog/digital outputs, and alarms.
Experience reliable CO2 monitoring with our cGas Carbon Dioxide Detector. Boasting Plug & Play Smart Sensor technology, analog/digital outputs, and customizable alarms, it ensures accuracy in diverse applications like medical facilities, breweries, and commercial refrigeration systems.
Gas Piping

Line regulators

Precision gas control in high-pressure systems - compact design, Hastelloy diaphragm, and electrostatic chargeability-tested line regulator.
Experience precise gas control in high-pressure systems with our Line Regulator. Featuring a compact design, Hastelloy diaphragm, and electrostatic chargeability testing, it ensures excellence in pressure adjustment for pure gases, including flammable and corrosive ones.
Gas Piping

Stainless steel cylinder regulators

Secure gas control with our Stainless Steel Cylinder Regulators - precision settings, diaphragm valve, and ATEX conformity.
Optimize gas control with our Stainless Steel Cylinder Regulators. Featuring a diaphragm valve for shut-off, ATEX-conform adjustment knob, and stainless steel diaphragm, these regulators ensure precise settings for inert, reactive, and oxidizing gases.
Gas Piping

Manual changeover panels

Secure gas supply with our Manual Changeover Panels—continuous flow, precise control, and modular design for flexibility.
Experience uninterrupted gas supply with our Manual Changeover Panels. Designed for non-corrosive gases, these panels offer precision control, contamination reduction, and modularity, allowing flexible configurations to suit various applications. Trust in BAM-tested reliability.
Gas Piping

Dual stage manifolds

Dual Stage Manifold: Compact design, precise pressure control, and safety features for reliable pure gas supply.
Elevate your gas supply system with our Dual Stage Manifold. Featuring Hastelloy/Elgiloy diaphragm tightening, excellent pressure control, and compliance with safety standards, it ensures precise and secure delivery of pure gases for diverse applications.
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