Unleashing Innovation: Customized Lab Services & Facility Design

We provide specialized lab services custom-fit to your research vision so you can bring trailblazing ideas to reality. For over 30 years, we have helped power innovations that push progress forward. Let our flexible, end-to-end capabilities empower your scientific vision into impactful reality.

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Turnkey Laboratory Engineering

Expert solutions in Laboratory Engineering to optimise layouts and enhance functionality for efficient scientific workflows.
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Interior Design - Across industries

The interior design services cater to diverse industries, redefining spaces for optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.
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Preventive Maintenance

Proactive and reliable preventive maintenance services to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your laboratory equipment.
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Electrical Engineering

Our specialized electrical engineering services draw on decades of industry expertise to deliver comprehensive, tailored solutions that meet the unique power, automation and control needs of modern laboratories.
"IT Tech has revolutionised our scientific endeavours. Their quality products, impeccable services, and expert insights have been instrumental in our success. A true partner in scientific excellence!"

Dr. Emily Parker

Head of Research, BioTech Innovations Ltd

"IT Innovations has truly transformed our technological landscape, playing a pivotal role in advancing our scientific pursuits. Their cutting-edge products, exceptional services, and insightful expertise have been indispensable to our success. A genuine partner in pushing the boundaries of scientific excellence!"

Dr. Peter Parker

Head of Research, BioTech Innovations Ltd


Got questions? We've got answers. explore our FAQs for quick solutions and information.

How often should I schedule preventive maintenance for my lab equipment?

Frequency depends on usage. For heavy-use equipment, a quarterly schedule is ideal, while less-used instruments can benefit from semi-annual or annual maintenance.

What does Turnkey Laboratory Engineering encompass?

From designing and building labs to furnishing with precision, including fumehood installation and gas piping, our turnkey solutions cover all aspects for scientific excellence.

Can you handle interior design projects for various industries?

Yes, our Interior Design services cater to a wide range of industries, ensuring functional fit-outs, structural enhancements, and aesthetic considerations tailored to diverse needs.

What is the typical duration for completing a lab design and build project?

The duration varies based on project complexity. A standard lab design and build project may take 3-6 months, but timelines are customised according to specific requirements.

How can I request a service or consultation from IT Tech?

Yes, our Interior Design services include structural enhancements such as formworks and carpentry to ensure a comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing transformation of your space.