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We started with production of centrifuges back in 1964, so we have nearly half a century of experience in this field.

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Laboratory Furniture

Modular, movable furniture optimizing workflow and productivity.

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Safety Cabinets

Protect users from hazardous material exposure.

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Gas piping & distribution systems

Deliver pressurized gasses to instruments with precision.

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Enhance laboratory efficiency with IT Tech's reliable solutions for the precise control and distribution of Evaporators.

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Gas Generators

On-demand supply of ultra pure lab gases.

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Chromatography Consumables & Solutions

Components enabling separation, analysis, purification.

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Bioreactors and fermentors

Versatile systems growing cells, microbes optimally.

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"IT Tech has revolutionised our scientific endeavours. Their quality products, impeccable services, and expert insights have been instrumental in our success. A true partner in scientific excellence!"

Dr. Emily Parker

Head of Research, BioTech Innovations Ltd

"IT Innovations has truly transformed our technological landscape, playing a pivotal role in advancing our scientific pursuits. Their cutting-edge products, exceptional services, and insightful expertise have been indispensable to our success. A genuine partner in pushing the boundaries of scientific excellence!"

Dr. Peter Parker

Head of Research, BioTech Innovations Ltd

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Enrich your scientific journey through our innovative products, delve into cutting-edge services, and unlock the potential for groundbreaking research. Experience excellence at every stage with IT Tech.


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How are the scientific product categories organised on the platform?

Our categories are structured for intuitive navigation, ensuring easy access to a wide range of specialised scientific solutions.

How often are the product categories updated to include new offerings?

We regularly update our product categories to incorporate the latest scientific innovations, ensuring users have access to the most recent solutions.

Can I filter products within a category based on specific criteria?

Yes, our platform provides advanced filtering options within each category, allowing you to narrow down product selections based on your specific criteria.

How do I stay informed about updates and additions to product categories?

Subscribe to our newsletter or check our announcements section for regular updates on new products, category additions, and other platform news.

How can I suggest a new category or provide feedback on the existing ones?

We value your feedback. Visit our Contact Us page to suggest new categories or share your thoughts on the existing ones.

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