We started with production of centrifuges back in 1964, so we have nearly half a century of experience in this field.

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Digtor 22 C-8

The largest of our centrifuges for oil, with capacity for 8 tubes of 8”, the best option for centres that carry out a large number of tests every day.
Our flagship centrifuge for oil analysis stands as the epitome of capacity and efficiency, capable of accommodating up to 8 tubes measuring 8 inches each. Tailored to meet the demands of centers conducting a substantial volume of daily tests, it represents the pinnacle of performance and reliability.

Plasma 22

Plasma 22 centrifuge: Vital for plasma concentration techniques like PRP and PRF. Developed with experts, validated for optimal performance. Preserves cell structure, ensuring efficacy and preventing interference.
The plasma concentration processes to obtain from fibrin clot to platelets by means of PRP (platelet-rich plasma) techniques, PRF (platelet-rich fibrin) and derivatives, make the Plasma 22 centrifuge indispensable. The simplicity of these processes erroneously gives the impression that the performance of the technique is not affected by the centrifugation process. Nothing could be more wrong; maximum performance will only be obtained with equipment that has been validated, and in which the operational parameters, beyond RPM, RCF and time, have been calculated for these processes. The Plasma 22 centrifuge has been developed together with experts in the development of these techniques and has approval for its development. It maintains the cell structure of the phases for the application of each of the alternatives, ensuring its efficacy in the destination environment and avoiding interference of particles that impede adhesion.

Lacter 21

Lacter centrifuge: Designed for dairy product handling. Processes Gerber or solubility tubes. 16 programs for efficient sample analysis. Smooth operation prolongs tube life. Automatic RPM/FCR conversion. Heating system ensures temperature traceability.
The centrifuge Lacter has been designed for the handling of dairy products such as milk, cheese, cream, yogurt and its derivates easily and accurately. Its design allows it to process Gerber or solubility tubes. It has 16 programs that allow to store the parameters to analyse samples of different types of animals reducing the processing time. The smooth operation prolongs the tubes life and prevents their breakage. The simultaneous and automatic conversion of RPM/FCR values eliminates additional calculations and the heating system ensures temperature traceability throughout the process.

Dilitcen 22 R

Our largest benchtop machine, with 4L capacity and ergonomic design for easy loading and sample positioning traceability. Wide range of accessories, including 4 x 1000ml bottles, microplates, and various tube sizes. Color TFT touch screen offers control and data export capabilities. Refrigeration system maintains chamber temperature below 4°C.
The largest of our benchtop machines, with a capacity of up to 4 litres and an ergonomic design that enables easy loading of the rotor, as well as traceability of the positioning of the samples so as to balance the load and for easy identification. It has a wide range of accessories with capacity for four 1.000 ml. bottles, microplates, microtubes and a large number of positions for the most commonly used 15 ml. conical, 50 ml. conical, 15 ml., 10 ml. and 5 ml. tubes for clinical as well as biotechnology applications. Its colour TFT touch screen offers performance that enables, in addition to controlling the equipment by operational parameters, the possibility of exporting data for analysis and timer programmed operation. The autonomy provided by this equipment facilitates the automation of work cycles and modes. This also ensures traceability of the process, not leaving any parameter uncontrolled and maintaining the process at all times. It has a refrigeration system that enables it to maintain the minimum temperature of the chamber below 4°C regardless of the type of rotor and the speed selected.

Digicen 22 R

Digicen 22 R: Versatile centrifuge with a wide range of rotors for various tube sizes and speeds. Features REI system for easy rotor installation and removal. Powerful refrigeration system maintains chamber temperature below 4°C. Connectivity system allows remote control via PC, tablet, or mobile with Ortoalresa SmartConnect app. Simply connect to lab WiFi for complete equipment control.
Versatility fused with effectiveness. The centrifuge Digicen 22 R has a wide range of angle fixed rotors, both for low revolutions, with capacity up to 32 tubes of 15 ml./15 ml. conical, and for microtubes, cryotubes and high speed tubes. For the swing out versions, it has rotors for 4 tubes of 100 ml. and up to 28 positions for 15 ml. tubes. All its rotors are provided with the REI system (Rotor Easy to Install), which allows them to be securely installed on the rotor without the need for tools, and to be unlocked by simply removing them from their position. Its powerful refrigeration system allows it to keep the minimum chamber temperature below 4°C regardless of the type of rotor and the selected speed. For improved traceability, it has a connectivity system that allows the user to consult, programme and control the centrifuge from the device of their choice; PC, tablet and mobile phone thanks to the free Ortoalresa SmartConnect app. Just connect it to your laboratory’s WiFi network and you will have complete control of your equipment from our app.

Magnus 22

Magnus 22: Floor-standing equipment maximizes lab space. Ergonomic design for easy rotor access and load balancing. Color TFT touchscreen for control and data export. Automation enhances work cycles and traceability. Wide range of accessories for various tube sizes.
As a floor standing equipment, Magnus 22 offers the maximum perShapence for your processes. Its design enables it to be installed in any space in the lab, avoiding the occupation of useful space. Its ergonomic design allows easy access to the rotor as well as traceability of the positioning to balance the load, and easy identification. Its colour TFT touch screen offers perShapence that enables, in addition to controlling the equipment by operational parameters, the possibility of exporting data for analysis and timer programmed operation. The autonomy provided by this equipment facilitates automation of work cycles and modes. This also ensures traceability of the process, not leaving any parameter uncontrolled. It has a wide range of accessories for 750 ml. tubes, microplates, microtubes and a large number of positions for the most commonly used 15 ml. conical, 50 ml. conical, 15 ml., 10 ml. and 5 ml. tubes for clinical applications.

Biocen 22 R

Biocen 22 R: High-speed refrigerated microcentrifuge for various tube formats. Wide rotor range from 0.2 ml to 15 ml. Dynamic cooling ensures rapid, stable temperature control. Software customization optimizes performance. Robust, versatile, and efficient for research and biotech labs.
One of the best options when high speed and different tube formats are required. This refrigerated microcentrifuge, which has a wide range of rotors for a cooled centrifuge, can work with conical type tubes from 0,2 ml. to 15 ml. Dynamic cooling equipment keeps the desired temperature, reaching it in a short period of time and maintaining it stable throughout the whole cycle, regardless of the operation speed. Customisation of equipment options through the software enables you to adapt the work cycles to the process as well as the user preferences, thus optimising performance in your laboratory. For Ortoalresa, the Biocen 22 R centrifuge is the culmination of its know-how in centrifugation, materialised for the user in a robust, versatile and efficient piece of equipment that integrates perfectly into any lab, highlighting its application in research and biotechnology.


Minicen: Your compact, reliable centrifuge for demanding labs. Precise control for microvolume separations with high centrifugal force. Rotor for 12 tubes (1.5-2 ml), reaching 15,000 RPM (15,596 xg). Includes reducers for various tube sizes. Offers big performance in a small size.
Your personal centrifuge for the most demanding laboratory. Compact, quick, reliable and with precise control of operating parameters. Indispensable in separation processes for microvolumes, in which the relative centrifugal force must be high. The Minicen centrifuge includes a rotor for twelve 1.5-2 ml. tubes, able to reach 15,000 RPM and up to 15.596 xg. Also supplied with reducers for 0.5-0.6 ml. and 0.2-0.4 ml. tubes, thus covering needs as regards equipment for all types of microtubes. The smallest in the family, offering the performance of biggest ones.
High-speed refrigerated centrifuge


CENTRIC 400 R: Universal laboratory centrifuge with refrigeration system. Rotational speed up to 18,000 RPM (31,150 x g). User-friendly programming options, error detection, and memory storage for 10 setups. Last run program retained indefinitely. Easy-to-clean interior and simple parameter adjustment via control panel knobs and keys. Functional and practical for medical, industrial, and scientific laboratories.
The CENTRIC 400 R is a universal laboratory centrifuge with a refrigeration system, designed for use in medical, industrial and scientific laboratories for separating substances with different relative densities by centrifugal force. The maximum rotational speed of 18,000 RPM gives the centrifugal force of 31,150 x g. A wide usage of programming options and electronic operation control allow for trouble-free use. With a special drive, quiet, maintenance-free operation with no carbon dust pollution is guaranteed. The centrifuge is equipped with user-friendly options that make operation and standard settings easier. Built-in error-detecting functions keep the user from entering incorrect values and monitor the whole operation. The centrifuge has the possibility to save programs. Memory storage allows storage of up to 10 different data setups. The centrifuge always keeps the last ran program in its memory for an unlimited amount of time, allowing the program to be restarted at any time, even if the centrifuge was turned off during operation. All important operation parameters can be seen at a glance. The parameters are entered with knobs and keys on the control panel. The centrifuge’s interior is also easy to clean. We can offer you a device that combines functional variety with practical applications.
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