The S-EVAP-KD series provides large-scale solvent evaporation options with 8-position (Cat# 12027), digitally controlled 8-position (Cat# 12018), and 10-position (Cat# 12010) models. Capacities range from 250 ml to 500 ml per position. Glassware sets support individual or central solvent collection, with adapter rings for smaller glassware.



The S-EVAP-KD solvent evaporator series offers versatile options for large-scale sample evaporation. The mechanical thermostat 8-position model (Cat# 12027) accommodates up to 8 samples simultaneously, with each position capable of holding up to 250 ml. Glassware sets are available for both individual solvent collection (Cat# GS2152) and central solvent collection (Cat# GS2152-C with Cat# GS2156-C8). For more precise control, the digitally controlled 8-position model (Cat# 12018) can also handle 8 samples concurrently, with a larger capacity of up to 500 ml per position. Similarly, glassware sets are available for individual solvent collection (Cat# GS2153) or central solvent collection (Cat# GS2153-C with Cat# GS2158-C8). For those requiring a 10-position setup, the digitally controlled S-EVAP-KD (Cat# 12010) is an option, evaporating up to 10 samples at once with a capacity of 250 ml per position. Glassware sets for individual solvent collection (Cat# GS2152) or central solvent collection (Cat# GS2152-C with Cat# GS2158-C10) are also available, with adapter rings (Cat# XA2284) facilitating the use of smaller glassware.

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