Gas Generators

On-demand supply of ultra pure lab gases.

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Gas Generators

CRYOGEN Liquid Nitrogen Generator

CRYOGEN Liquid Nitrogen Generator: Efficient, automated, and reliable production of liquid nitrogen for versatile applications.
Experience cutting-edge liquid nitrogen generation with CRYOGEN.10. Utilizing a water-cooled design, advanced PSA technology, and intuitive touchscreen controls, it offers efficient and automated liquid nitrogen production with real-time monitoring, ensuring reliability and convenience.
Gas Generators

Combined Nitrogen / Air Generator

Combined Nitrogen/Air Generator: Safer, contaminant-free alternative to cylinders. Consistent purity, worry-free gas supply.
Experience the safety and convenience of our Combined Nitrogen/Air Generator—eliminate cylinder risks, ensure purity. Utilizing PSA technology, it delivers reliable, worry-free gas with consistent purity for diverse applications in your lab.


Telesto Nitrogen Generators: Compact, efficient solutions for ELSD/CORONA instruments. Energy-saving, touchscreen control, and reliable 24/7 operation.
Discover Telesto Nitrogen Generators—offering nitrogen solutions for ELSD/CORONA instruments. Compact, energy-efficient, and equipped with a touchscreen interface, these generators provide high-quality nitrogen gas on demand for continuous and reliable operation.


Innovative COSMOS Hydrogen Generators: Compact, modular, and safe solution for GC & GC-MS applications.
Meet COSMOS, F-DGSi's cutting-edge Hydrogen Generator range designed for GC & GC-MS. Modular, stackable, and safe, COSMOS provides flexible gas solutions, eliminating the need for traditional gas cylinders in laboratories, ensuring convenience and reliability.
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