Biocen 22 R

Biocen 22 R: High-speed refrigerated microcentrifuge for various tube formats. Wide rotor range from 0.2 ml to 15 ml. Dynamic cooling ensures rapid, stable temperature control. Software customization optimizes performance. Robust, versatile, and efficient for research and biotech labs.

Orto Alresa


One of the best options when high speed and different tube formats are required. This refrigerated microcentrifuge, which has a wide range of rotors for a cooled centrifuge, can work with conical type tubes from 0,2 ml. to 15 ml. Dynamic cooling equipment keeps the desired temperature, reaching it in a short period of time and maintaining it stable throughout the whole cycle, regardless of the operation speed. Customisation of equipment options through the software enables you to adapt the work cycles to the process as well as the user preferences, thus optimising performance in your laboratory. For Ortoalresa, the Biocen 22 R centrifuge is the culmination of its know-how in centrifugation, materialised for the user in a robust, versatile and efficient piece of equipment that integrates perfectly into any lab, highlighting its application in research and biotechnology.

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