Centrifuge Centric 250 IVD

CENTRIC 250 IVD: Universal laboratory centrifuge meeting ISO 13485 standard for medical labs. Rotational speed up to 16,200 RPM (25,000 x g). Easy electronic control, quiet operation with no carbon dust pollution. User-friendly programming options and error detection. Stores up to 100 programs and retains last run program indefinitely. Simple control panel with easy-to-clean interior. Functional and practical for diverse applications.



CENTRIC 250 IVD centrifuges are universal laboratory centrifuges, developed according to the ISO 13485 standard, designed for use especially in medical laboratories for separating substances with different relative densities by centrifugal force. The maximum rotational speed of 16,200 RPM gives the centrifugal force of 25,000 x g. A wide usage of programming options and electronic operation control allow for trouble-free use. With a special drive, quiet, maintenance-free operation with no carbon dust pollution is guaranteed. The centrifuge is equipped with user-friendly options that make operation and standard settings easier. Built-in error-detecting functions keep the user from entering incorrect values and monitor the whole operation. The centrifuge has the possibility to save programs. In the program storage you can save up to 100 different data setups. The centrifuge always keeps the last run program in its memory for an unlimited amount of time, allowing the program to be restarted at any time, even if the centrifuge was turned off during operation. All important operation parameters can be seen at a glance. The settings are entered with knobs and keys on the control panel. The centrifuge’s interior is also easy to clean. We can offer you a device that combines functional variety with practical applications.

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