Minicen: Your compact, reliable centrifuge for demanding labs. Precise control for microvolume separations with high centrifugal force. Rotor for 12 tubes (1.5-2 ml), reaching 15,000 RPM (15,596 xg). Includes reducers for various tube sizes. Offers big performance in a small size.

Orto Alresa


Your personal centrifuge for the most demanding laboratory. Compact, quick, reliable and with precise control of operating parameters. Indispensable in separation processes for microvolumes, in which the relative centrifugal force must be high. The Minicen centrifuge includes a rotor for twelve 1.5-2 ml. tubes, able to reach 15,000 RPM and up to 15.596 xg. Also supplied with reducers for 0.5-0.6 ml. and 0.2-0.4 ml. tubes, thus covering needs as regards equipment for all types of microtubes. The smallest in the family, offering the performance of biggest ones.

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