Centrifuge Centric CF 220

CENTRIC CF 220 centrifuges are basic models, for clinical use. They are equipped with an 8 x 15ml angle rotor. Robust design and multiple safety features place this model at the top of the market’s clinical centrifuges



The CENTRIC CF 220 centrifuges are essential tools designed specifically for clinical applications. Featuring an 8 x 15ml angle rotor, these centrifuges are tailored to meet the unique needs of clinical laboratories. Despite their basic design, they excel in performance and reliability. The robust construction ensures durability, making them suitable for rigorous daily use in clinical settings. Additionally, these centrifuges are equipped with multiple safety features, providing peace of mind to users and ensuring safe operation at all times. With their combination of functionality, reliability, and safety, the CENTRIC CF 220 centrifuges stand out as top choices in the clinical centrifuge market.

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