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Chromanik Technologies offers innovative HPLC columns and related products, featuring unique packing materials sourced globally.

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Chromanik Technologies


Sunniest: Perfect end-capping for high durability under acidic and basic pH conditions, with unique C18 reagent.
Sunniest features perfect end-capping achieved by a unique C18 reagent with arm-like movement. This ensures high durability under acidic and basic pH conditions, enhancing chromatographic performance for diverse applications.
Chromanik Technologies


SunArmor C18: Durable at pH 2-12, superior shape for acidic, basic, and metal chelating compounds.
SunArmor C18 is a robust column with durability from pH 2 to 12, comparable to hybrid C18s. Featuring a novel end-capping reagent, it excels in shaping acidic, basic, and metal chelating compounds.
Chromanik Technologies


SunShell Columns: Inert surface, high stability with Sunniest end-capping, offering efficient chromatography for HPLC and UHPLC.
SunShell Columns feature an inert surface with inactivated silanol groups and enhanced stability through Sunniest end-capping on core-shell silica. The 2.6um size suits both HPLC and UHPLC, reducing back pressure and analysis time.
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