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High-speed refrigerated centrifuge


CENTRIC 400 R: Universal laboratory centrifuge with refrigeration system. Rotational speed up to 18,000 RPM (31,150 x g). User-friendly programming options, error detection, and memory storage for 10 setups. Last run program retained indefinitely. Easy-to-clean interior and simple parameter adjustment via control panel knobs and keys. Functional and practical for medical, industrial, and scientific laboratories.
The CENTRIC 400 R is a universal laboratory centrifuge with a refrigeration system, designed for use in medical, industrial and scientific laboratories for separating substances with different relative densities by centrifugal force. The maximum rotational speed of 18,000 RPM gives the centrifugal force of 31,150 x g. A wide usage of programming options and electronic operation control allow for trouble-free use. With a special drive, quiet, maintenance-free operation with no carbon dust pollution is guaranteed. The centrifuge is equipped with user-friendly options that make operation and standard settings easier. Built-in error-detecting functions keep the user from entering incorrect values and monitor the whole operation. The centrifuge has the possibility to save programs. Memory storage allows storage of up to 10 different data setups. The centrifuge always keeps the last ran program in its memory for an unlimited amount of time, allowing the program to be restarted at any time, even if the centrifuge was turned off during operation. All important operation parameters can be seen at a glance. The parameters are entered with knobs and keys on the control panel. The centrifuge’s interior is also easy to clean. We can offer you a device that combines functional variety with practical applications.
Refrigerated floorstanding centrifuge


The CENTRIC CF 108 R and CENTRIC CF 108 GR offer 4 x 750 ml capacity in a compact body, with clear visibility regardless of configuration: benchtop or floor-standing. The SMART Lock system allows easy rotor dismounting for chamber decontamination. Illuminated handle indicates tube unloading, optimizing centrifugation frequency and analysis quality.
The CENTRIC CF 108 R and CENTRIC CF 108 GR offer a 4 x 750 ml capacity in a very compact body, with perfect visibility of the centrifugation chamber regardless of chosen configuration: benchtop or floor-standing version. The CENTRIC CF 108 R is a benchtop model, while the CENTRIC CF 108 GR is a floor-standing model. The SMART Lock system allows quick dismounting of the rotor to decontaminate the chamber. The illuminated handle lights up to indicate the possibility of unloading the tubes, optimizing the frequency of centrifugation runs and quality of the analyses.
Low-speed centrifuge

Centrifuge Centric CF 220

CENTRIC CF 220 centrifuges are basic models, for clinical use. They are equipped with an 8 x 15ml angle rotor. Robust design and multiple safety features place this model at the top of the market’s clinical centrifuges
The CENTRIC CF 220 centrifuges are essential tools designed specifically for clinical applications. Featuring an 8 x 15ml angle rotor, these centrifuges are tailored to meet the unique needs of clinical laboratories. Despite their basic design, they excel in performance and reliability. The robust construction ensures durability, making them suitable for rigorous daily use in clinical settings. Additionally, these centrifuges are equipped with multiple safety features, providing peace of mind to users and ensuring safe operation at all times. With their combination of functionality, reliability, and safety, the CENTRIC CF 220 centrifuges stand out as top choices in the clinical centrifuge market.
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