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The S-EVAP-RB series offers two large-scale solvent evaporators. The 8-position model (Cat# 12060) handles samples up to 250 ml (Cat# GS2162), with adapter rings for smaller glassware. Similarly, the 10-position model (Cat# 12090) accommodates the same sample size, with adapter rings for smaller glassware.
The S-EVAP-RB series offers two options for large-scale solvent evaporation. The mechanical thermostat 8-position model (Cat# 12060) can evaporate up to 8 samples at once, each with a capacity of up to 250 ml (Cat# GS2162). Smaller glassware accommodating up to 125 ml (Cat# GS2161) is also compatible with the purchase of adapter rings (Cat# XA2286). Similarly, the digitally controlled 10-position model (Cat# 12090) can evaporate up to 10 samples concurrently, with the same capacity per sample position. Adapter rings (Cat# XA2286) allow for the use of smaller glassware (Cat# GS2161).


The S-EVAP-KD series provides large-scale solvent evaporation options with 8-position (Cat# 12027), digitally controlled 8-position (Cat# 12018), and 10-position (Cat# 12010) models. Capacities range from 250 ml to 500 ml per position. Glassware sets support individual or central solvent collection, with adapter rings for smaller glassware.
The S-EVAP-KD solvent evaporator series offers versatile options for large-scale sample evaporation. The mechanical thermostat 8-position model (Cat# 12027) accommodates up to 8 samples simultaneously, with each position capable of holding up to 250 ml. Glassware sets are available for both individual solvent collection (Cat# GS2152) and central solvent collection (Cat# GS2152-C with Cat# GS2156-C8). For more precise control, the digitally controlled 8-position model (Cat# 12018) can also handle 8 samples concurrently, with a larger capacity of up to 500 ml per position. Similarly, glassware sets are available for individual solvent collection (Cat# GS2153) or central solvent collection (Cat# GS2153-C with Cat# GS2158-C8). For those requiring a 10-position setup, the digitally controlled S-EVAP-KD (Cat# 12010) is an option, evaporating up to 10 samples at once with a capacity of 250 ml per position. Glassware sets for individual solvent collection (Cat# GS2152) or central solvent collection (Cat# GS2152-C with Cat# GS2158-C10) are also available, with adapter rings (Cat# XA2284) facilitating the use of smaller glassware.


Soxhlet extraction is ideal for extracting soluble analytes from a solid sample into an organic solvent. Unlike traditional wire or sand baths which are used to heat receiving flasks, the ROT-X-TRACT-S uses a water steam bath which provides gentle even heat to delicate samples.
Soxhlet extraction stands as an exemplary technique for isolating soluble analytes from solid samples by transferring them into an organic solvent. In contrast to traditional heating mechanisms like wire or sand baths, typically employed to elevate the temperature of receiving flasks, the ROT-X-TRACT-S introduces a novel approach with its utilization of a water steam bath. This innovation ensures that delicate samples are subjected to a gentle and uniform heating process, thereby optimizing the efficiency and consistency of the extraction procedure.


The ROT-X-TRACT-LC can hold eight Corning Accelerated One-Step apparatuses, combining extraction and concentration. It uses a modified Friedrichs condenser to fit lab hood specs but can switch to Allihn condensers on request.
The ROT-X-TRACT-LC is designed to accommodate up to eight (8) Corning Accelerated One-Step apparatuses. The Corning Accelerated One-Step extraction apparatus combines continuous liquid-liquid extraction and concentration into one step. A modified Friedrichs condenser is used to reduce overall height to accommodate traditional laboratory hood specifications; however, Allihn condensers can be substituted per customer request.


concentrated liquid blend of antiscalant and antifoam agents for controlling scale and foam in seawater evaporators.
Our concentrated liquid blend is formulated with potent antiscalant and antifoam agents meticulously selected to effectively control scale and foam in seawater evaporators. This specialized solution is designed to tackle the unique challenges posed by seawater environments, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of evaporator systems. With its high concentration and tailored composition, our blend provides robust protection against scale buildup and foam formation, contributing to the smooth operation and maintenance of seawater evaporators in various industrial applications.


Compact MICROVAP microplate evaporator ideal for life science labs, gently evaporating high-capacity, low-volume samples in 96-well plates. Perfect for efficient concentration.
The single plate MICROVAP microplate evaporator is one of the most compact sample concentrators available, and it continues to meet the needs of the life science and pharmaceutical industries. This microplate concentrator is ideal for laboratories needing efficient solutions for the gentle evaporation of high capacity, low volume samples in 96-well microplates and 96-well deep well plates.


The NITRO-GEN+ Nitrogen Generator is perfect for LC-MS and sample prep, working with Organomation nitrogen evaporators (up to 100 samples) and most LC-MS analyzers. It uses Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) to extract pure nitrogen from air, ensuring high purity with molecular sieve technology.
The NITRO-GEN+ Nitrogen Generator is designed to satisfy the needs of the LC-MS and sample preparation fields. The NITRO-GEN+ is compatible with all Organomation nitrogen evaporators up to 100 sample positions, along with most LC-MS analyzers on the market. It relies on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology to separate nitrogen from the air. The unit uses molecular sieves to remove oxygen, water, and trace hydrocarbons, leaving a stream of high purity nitrogen gas. Nitrogen is produced by utilizing a combination of this Carbon Molecular Sieve technology along with high and low pressure compressors.


N-EVAP nitrogen evaporators are suited for numerous sample preparation methodologies with instruments ranging from six to forty-five sample positions.
The N-EVAP nitrogen evaporators stand out for their exceptional versatility in accommodating various sample preparation methodologies. Whether your laboratory requires processing six samples or up to forty-five at a time, these instruments are designed to meet your needs effectively. With their adaptability and range of capabilities, they serve as invaluable tools across a spectrum of applications in life sciences, pharmaceuticals, and beyond, providing efficient and reliable solutions for sample concentration and processing requirements.


The NITRO-GEN generator pairs seamlessly with Organomation nitrogen evaporators for easy sample concentration. Lightweight and requiring only a compressed air source, it's perfect for labs with in-house air.
The NITRO-GEN generator was developed with Organomation’s nitrogen evaporators in mind to provide nitrogen generation for sample concentration. The generator is lightweight and easy to set up, requiring only a source of compressed air to run. This unit is an ideal choice for labs with an in-house compressed air source.
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